The Rodeo is a volunteer based non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote recreational fishing within Destin, Florida; strengthen the claim of “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”; and to foster good sportsmanship and safe fishing among the general public by providing an organized competition for recreational fishermen.

The Destin Fishing Rodeo is supported by our members, sponsors, local businesses, volunteers and the fishing community.  The Rodeo has always depended on volunteers to make it successful.  Volunteer help is the only way the Rodeo has succeeded for 60 years, and the only way it will continue to succeed.

Volunteer Judges

Volunteers serve as Rodeo judges at the weigh-ins every day in October. Judging requires two people per shift for 31 days (2 shifts per day). The Rodeo also has a merchandise booth that is manned by three volunteers October 1 – 31. Between the two, the Rodeo needs 217 folks to donate 2 – 5 hours in October. We have over 2000 available hours of volunteer service.

How to Volunteer

To learn how you can support the Destin Fishing Rodeo by volunteering, contact us through our our contact from, call 850.837.6734, or click here to send a email.

Volunteer Contact From

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